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This week’s updates
This week’s updates


This week we would like to share with you 4 different updates that will certainly make your trading experience easier. Here we go:

Open Positions module now in EXANTE ATP

Open Positions module has been added to your trading platform menu. You can view and manage all open positions and all working orders easily from this module.

The Open Positions module displays all the positions you have opened and their primary information: Instrument, Position (quantity), Average Price, Price, P&L in EUR (profit / loss in the default currency). This information is updated in real time. On top of that you will find two columns Long and Short, which show  working orders information. 

Clicking the red cross button in the first column will close any your open position. You can cancel all working orders by clicking on the red cross button in the last column. You can also close or cancel all positions at once by clicking Cancel and Close All.

Please note that if one of your opened positions (except Forex) is equal or above 100’000 USD, our platform won’t let you close it at market price. By disabling close option, we hedge our clients against a random cancel click that can lead to unpredictable losses. You can either close your positions partially, or close them at limit price. Positions that can't be closed related to excessive positions or due to the close of trading session will be marked with grey cross button. 

Bid/Ask chart mode.

The chart displays the mean Bid/Ask currency price by default. However, starting now you can enable Bid and Ask prices on the chart as well.

To set it up please go into your trading platform Settings menu > Chart, tick the box Bid/Ask chart mode and click OK

Price step value is now shown in your Instrument Info

Would you like to know how your asset’s price changes depending on the price step value? Check it now by finding price step value information that was added to all instruments information tab.

Daily P&L columns can be found now in historical Account Summary

Both daily P&L and daily P&L in selected currency columns for the previous days are displayed in the Account Summary module. 

To view your historical daily P&L just click on the calendar image in the lower-left corner and select the specific date.

Please feel free to contact our 24/7 technical support and assistance services via support@exante.eu for any questions or requests you may have.

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