Alternative Investment Specialists lists its FTM fund with EXANTE

Alternative Investment Specialists lists its FTM fund with EXANTE

FTM is a dynamic investment product that places emphasis on capital preservation while targeting consistent growth irrespective of market conditions or direction.  

Launched in March 2010 FTM is the culmination of:

• 9 years of research
• 7 years of investor feedback
• Lessons learned from every successful investment
• Lessons learned from failed investments
• A unique blend of alternative investments.
• Based on a measurable investment strategy dating back to 1997.

With the advent of FTM the problem of market volatility was solved for investors that wanted to achieve returns similar to those of the long term market averages but without the roller coaster ride generally associated with this type of investment. 

Since launching in March 2010 FTM has not registered a losing month, which means it doesn’t waste energy clawing back losses and instead can focus on consistent returns, irrespective of market conditions. In fact FTM finished last year with a return of 9.57%. Furthermore, as of the end of July 2012, FTM has notched up 29 months of positive returns in a row and a total return of 25.70%.

FTM is a constituent ofthe HFRI Relative Value Index winner of the award for best fixed income fund offshore for 2011 and 2012 at the World Finance Hedge Fund Awards and the recipient of the award for Best Offshore Fixed Income Fund as judged by Global Banking and Finance Review.  FTM was featured in the September - October issue of World Finance Magazine in 2011 and 2012 and interviewed at the London Stock Exchange to discuss our unique investment strategy.

FTM truly is a new breed of financial thinking and is now available for trading on EXANTE’s ATP .

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