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Bitcoin Fund exclusively available on EXANTE’s platform
Bitcoin Fund exclusively available on EXANTE’s platform

The fund that invests in the economy of the next generation 

1 BTC = 1 Bitcoin Fund Unit

How do I Register for a Bitcoin Account?

  • Click on becoming a client on top of the homepage
  • Fill in the form and proceed online
  • Upload your documents
  • An account Manager will contact you


  • Minimum Account size with EXANTE EUR 100,000
  • Minimum Bitcoin Fund transaction size  EUR 10,000

Why Purchase Bitcoin?

  • Investing in Bitcoin is investing in technology
  • Bitcoin is a limited supply Currency
  • Bitcoin has a robust infrastructure
  • Bitcoin is the transferable and storable currency outside of the banking system

Why should I invest in the fund rather than Bitcoin directly?

  • Bitcoin fund account can be opened in 1 day
  • You can trade in blocks (1000+ BTC per click)
  • The fund manages wallet security
  • You can’t accidently delete Bitcoins in your fund
  • EXANTE platform provides convenient investment interface

How to Purchase Bitcoin Fund?

  • Open an EXANTE Account  by clicking become a client
  • Deposit your funds
  • Download the Trading Platform
  • Select Bitcoin Fund in the trading Instruments
  • Click and Buy!

NOTE: Similar to Exchange Traded Funds, the Bitcoin Fund objective is to purchase and store BTC

Our account managers are available 24/7 to assist you.

Fund History

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin or BTC is a virtual currency of the Bitcoin system, a decentralized electronic cash system that uses peer-to-peer networking, digital signatures and cryptographic proof so as to enable users to conduct irreversible transactions without relying on trust.

What is Bitcoin Fund? The Bitcoin fund is registered in Bermuda. Similar to Exchange Traded Funds, the Bitcoin Fund objective is to purchase and store BTC; 1 Bitcoin Fund Unit = 1 BTC. The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve capital gains in the Net Asset Value of the Fund Shares. The fund currently manages a portfolio of 81,000 BTC and has achieved a phenomenal +1000% return in its short 3-month history.

Management Team

Mr. Gatis Eglitis is a Managing Partner at EXANTE (Malta) Ltd., an investment services company which offers global multi-asset brokerage services in a wide range of financial markets in the US, EU and Asia, founded in March 2011. He holds a Master of Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School. He has worked as an Institutional Sales Trader and later as an Institutional Business Sales Manager in Saxo Bank. He has also worked as a Chief Financial Officer in GBC Ltd (an audit and accounting firm). He has seven years experience in the financial services industry.

Mr. Anatoliy Knyazev is a Managing Partner at EXANTE (Malta) Ltd. He qualified as a Mathematician and Systems Programmer in Lomonosov Moscow State University. Between 2005 and 2008 he worked as a Developer with NetCracker Technologies, carrying out various development projects through the full cycle. He has also worked as a Director in Global Hedge Capital Group, participating in projects for the design of systems and applications for tick market data visualization and its analysis.

Mr. Alexey Kirienko is a Managing Partner at EXANTE (Malta) Ltd. Since 2003 he has been successfully trading derivatives on global markets, using proprietary innovative high frequency strategies, based on statistical analysis and computer data mining. In 2006 he incorporated a private trust fund. The trust success led to an establishment of public Global Hedge Capital Fund in 2007 which contributed key technological infrastructure and knowledge base for next generation prime brokerage company EXANTE Ltd. Alexey has over 10 years of experience in capital markets.


Security is always the key at EXANTE and time-proven cryptographic algorithms are used that allow EXANTE to secure all stored funds against unauthorized access. Organisations like banks, stock exchanges and numerous financial institutions where safety and security are of primary concern have been successfully using asymmetric encryption for many years. The same approach applies security to the Bitcoin network. Wallet management requires private key access. This private key is itself AES256-encrypted. AES256 is recognized by the U.S. National Security Agency to be reliable enough to protect state TOP SECRET data. Access keys are loss-safe due to multiple replication and geographic distribution of deposit boxes in several cities. Each bank stores only part of a key; therefore, if a deposit box is compromised, no funds are lost. Media History The Economist and Bloomberg find it intriguing; it’s even gotten the attention of economic heavyweight Paul Krugman, who has said it's like a reimplementation of the gold standard. EXANTE recently feature on The Financial Times as ‘a company ahead of the rest’ when it comes to Bitcoin and how the company has embraced this new technology with their Bitcoin fund. 


An investment in Fund Shares involves a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its investment objective and investors should recognize that investing in Fund Shares involves special considerations not typically associated with investing in other securities. Investing in Fund Shares should not be considered a complete investment program by any investor. Before subscribing for Investment Shares, prospective investors should consult independent professional sources for investment, legal and tax advice prior to making any investment and note that they may not recover their total investment amount and consider, among other factors

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