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New keyboard shortcuts in EXANTE trading terminal
New keyboard shortcuts in EXANTE trading terminal


We keep refining the interface of our trading platform as we continue to listen to our customers’ feedback. This update to our desktop client brings more customisation of the Chart, vertical scaling and cropping, user-specified Fibonacci levels, and keeping more than one Current Orders module visible at the same time. Read on to learn more about these updates.

More precious space for the star of the show

You can now collapse the Chart panel — if you need more space for your charts and less chrome — to maximize available Chart space. You can do this by either dragging up the panel from its bottom edge or by pressing Ctrl+E (Cmd+E on macOS). You can bring the panel back exactly the same way.

Chart settings menu will still be visible when you collapse the chart panel if you choose so.

Scale it like you mean it

There is a new toggle for vertical scaling that has found its home in the Chart settings menu. Toggling it off will let you manually scale the vertical axis of a chart.

An old friend is better than two new ones

We improved custom Fibonacci levels. In order to add these to your charts, enable the Fibonacci grid, double click it to open a window to tune it or to set custom retracement levels.

Multiple Current Orders at the same time

You can now keep more than one Current Orders module visible at the same time. This can be done by holding Shift and clicking the corresponding icon on the toolbar. In case you ever wanted to change the visibility of certain columns and/or filter parameters for a specific Current Orders window, you can do this now. For example, you can set up different modules for different accounts you trade from and instantly switch between them.

By the way, please note that the keyboard shortcut for switching between the regular and compact toolbar views has been changed to Ctrl+F2 instead of Ctrl+F1 (Cmd+Fn+F2 for macOS).

We hope you enjoy our regular updates to the EXANTE trading platform. We strive to deliver the best trading experience to our customers who trust us to provide the clearest understanding of the market using our financial analysis tools. Be sure to look out for more features in our upcoming software updates!

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