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EXANTE desktop trading platform changelog: what's new?

Version 5.122.1 (released on 2017-10-07)

  • Fibonacchi retracement levels added;

ATP 5.121.3

released on September, 23

  • New scroll bar design has been featured in the dark theme;

  • Greeks have been added for options as indicators;

ATP 5.120.2

released on September, 9

  • Toolbar padding has been unified;

ATP 5.119.3

released on September, 2

  • Type selector in the Search field has been removed to save space;

  • Currencies list in the Settings has been expanded;

  • A few visual improvements:

    • Left padding has been added to the Link button in Click-Trade/Order;

    • Selected table rows highlight color in Dark theme has been changed;

    • Unrequired selected row light foreground color in the Search tree has been removed (OSX only);

    • White border has been removed from the indicators lists;

    • Default chart drawings color has been changed;

ATP 5.118.3

released on August, 19

  • An ability to block trading activities has been added as a toggle button on toolbar;

  • ‘Default currency’ Settings item had been renamed to ‘Displayed currency’;

  • Instruments tree color labels has been changed in the dark theme;

ATP 5.117.2

released on August, 12

  • Cryptocurrencies became a separate Instrument Tree’s branch;

  • Border has been added to context menu and dropdown lists in the dark theme;

  • Selection color has been changed in the dark theme;

ATP 5.116.8

released on August, 05

  • Default action added for Quote Monitor when double-clicking (as it is in the Instrument Tree);

  • Default timeframe has been changed to 1 Hour;

  • Toolbar buttons has been redesigned to flat view;

  • Profile labels has been removed;

  • Instrument tree space margins have been reduced;

  • CCY notion in tables has been unified;

  • Toolbar tooltips  for large icons have been removed;

UI-server 16.32.1

released on July, 29

  • From now on "Change" and "Change%" calculations use "Last session close" whenever possible;

ATP 5.114.14

released on July, 15

  • The dark theme has been added;

  • Toolbar icons were redesigned;

  • Bitcoin has been added to default Quote Monitor;

  • Сhart with Bitcoin has been added in default view;

ATP 5.113.2

released on June, 24

  • Open Positions icons for ‘Close Position’ and ‘Cancel Orders’ were changed ;

  • Log on form empty fields vaildation has been added;

ATP 5.112.2

released on June, 17

  • When putting TP/SL on the open position in the Open Positions, 'Price' will be used instead of 'Average price' (as it is in the Account Summary).

ATP 5.110.7

released on June, 3

  • Italian localization has been added;

  • Instrument picker behaviour has been improved;

ATP 5.109.1

released on May, 27

  • Instrument picker has been added for options, futures, spreads (expiration/maturity/strike selector);

  • Now it’s possible to clear Quote Monitor up via deleting all profiles as new empty Untitled 1 profile would be created.

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