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In Times Square with EXANTE

In Times Square with EXANTE

In November 2018, we held the Nordic Trading Competition — the competition of young traders based on the EXANTE trading platform. We organized it together with Nasdaq and the independent company Global Capital Market Solutions (GCMS). The winner of the competition was the Norwegian student Thomas Evjen. By taking part in the competition, participants could not only test one’s own strength but also loudly express themselves and get exposure to new career prospects. We have developed complex and multi-leveled tasks for the participants of the contest. The main task was to gain maximum profit using not only spot instruments, but also forward contracts. Participants could also trade currency pairs and, in short, all instruments on the EXANTE trading platform.

Thomas shared his winning strategy with us: "Trading began at 11 am, and my plan was to trade Forex until 15:30 (until the US markets open). I study the US markets every day, so I knew that my game would start at 15:30. Fortunately, during trading from 11:00 on the currency market, there was news about the UK's exit from the EU. This led to the pound falling, so I held both long and short positions on the EUR/GBP pair, as the rate reached its maximum at certain segments. When the US market opened, there were many opportunities: for example, the rate of PCG and the price of natural gas fell, which led to an increase in DGAZ (reverse ETF for natural gas). But the biggest profit I got was by taking a short position on the RYB (the rate fell by 30-40% on the premarket due to bad news from China). By the next session, it turned out that the decline was a whole point, and I earned a good amount of money."

If you are entirely devoted to trading and know every aspect of your favorite business —it is not difficult to win the competition. We believe that the result of Thomas, P&L +USD394, 605, deserves additional praise because he was the only member of the team. We highly appreciate the success of young traders, we wish all participants strong confidence in reaching their goals and only reliable provides in the future!

This text is for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any investments or related services that may be referenced here.

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