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Lending and Borrowing with EXANTE

Our clients enjoy access to transparent and competitive lending and borrowing tools. EXANTE provides a simple and effective framework for managing your credit and debit relations and optimising your interest yields.

Standard Leverage Rates on Non-Margin Instruments

Please consider that the actual applied leverage rates may vary according to your contract.

Instrument class Standard Margin Spread Margin
Currencies, Metals 1:30 By Request
Stocks 1:4 By Request
Corporate Bonds 1:3 By Request
Goverment Bonds up to 1:100 By Request
ETFs 1:4 By Request
Managed Funds 1:1 N/A

Standard Rates

EXANTE uses internationally recognised benchmarks on overnight deposits as the basis for determining interest rates.

Currency Benchmark (BM)
USD US Dollar LIBOR Spot-Next
EUR Euro LIBOR Spot-Next
JPY Japaneese Yen LIBOR Spot-Next
GBP Britsh Pound LIBOR Spot-Next
CHF Swiss Franc LIBOR Spot-Next
CAD Canadian Dollar LIBOR Spot-Next
AUD Australian Dollar LIBOR (Spot-Next rate)
NZD New Zealand Dollar Official Cash Daily Rate
MXN Mexican Interbank TIIE
HKD HKD HIBOR Overnight rate
RUB MosPrime Rate Overnight rate
ZAR JIBAR Overnight rate
DKK DKK Libor Overnight rate
SEK SEK Libor Overnight rate
NOK NIBOR Overnight rate
TRY TRLIBOR (Overnight rate)
SGD SIBOR 1 month
PLN WIBOR Overnight Rate
ILS TELBOR Overnight Rate
HUF BUBOR Overnight Rate
BRL BRL Overnight Certificate of Deposit
TWD TAIBOR Overnight Rate
CZK PRIBOR 3 month

EXANTE is a broker for professionals. Direct access to over 50 financial markets through one account.
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