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Piattaforma di trading

At the heart of EXANTE’s trading technology is its multifunctional Automated Trading Platform (ATP): a state-of-art tool for manual and automated trading. EXANTE developed ATP from scratch, without using third-party solutions. This guarantees its fast, stable and reliable performance.

EXANTE ATP provides our clients with fast data feeds, fast data executions, and 24/7 tech support. In addition to trading on the ATP, our clients also use it for the real-time monitoring of their account summaries and trades.

EXANTE ATP supports the trading of all financial instruments provided by EXANTE.

EXANTE FIX Connectivity

FIX is a worldwide standard of transferring financial information. Our clients find it an easy-to-use tool that integrates flawlessly with outstanding applications.


If your trading platform supports the FIX protocol, EXANTE FIX Connectivity is the easiest way to access the worldwide financial markets with the most competitive commissions. We can establish your connection via FIX within days.

EXANTE clients utilise the benefits of EXANTE FIX Connectivity free of charge.


EXANTE è un broker per professionisti. Accesso diretto a oltre 50 mercati finanziari attraverso un conto.
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