Excel Integration

No programming skills required. Right from the familiar software package!
Create and apply algorithms
of unrestrained complexity. Sky's the limit
Generate custom
reports for your clients
Leverage Excel’s in-built capabilities
to analyse market data
Develop and test pioneering
strategies against the real market

Access accounts, check quotes, manage execution right from Excel

How it Works

EXANTE’s Excel Integration solution channels data from the trading platform to Excel. It allows you to request multiple quotes from the Quote Monitor and keep track of open positions.

How it works pic

What can you do with Excel integration:

Open account data and check quotes in a snap

Automate routine tasks: execute algorithms and trading strategies

Open orders, view order statuses and control execution

Why Excel?


Feature-packed, universally familiar application employed by over 1 billion users worldwide

Flat learning curve, intelligible algorithms of Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

You can access data for any available instrument by using relevant Excel formulas. Find more details here.

Quick start

All you need to do is download and run a compatible installation file:

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