EXANTE seeking partners within Shanghai’s global capital

EXANTE seeking partners within Shanghai’s global capital

In the last two decades Shanghai has been one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Since 1992 Shanghai has recorded double-digit growth almost every year except during the global recession of 2008 and 2009. Soaring high above the city skyline, the Shanghai World Financial Center stands as a symbol of commerce and culture that speaks to the city’s emergence as a global capital and it was with this in mind that Timothy Enneking and Anatoliy Knyazev, partners in EXANTE Ltd, went to Shanghai to attend the Indexing and ETF Investments Conference on the 26th February 2013, a conference dedicated to providing the latest industry information whilst also providing deep analysis on industry hotspots.

The conference brought together many delegates from the various industries all over China who were looking for more transparent and more accessible ways of trading within the financial sphere. The event whilst acting as a networking forum allowed delegates to mingle and share ideas about their companies and ventures. EXANTE’s main focus was on finding new partners and to market EXANTE’s unique platform into the financial industry. As an agency prime broker, EXANTE hosts a multi-asset fund platform, which operates online via the internet. Not only can funds trade global markets, they can also market themselves and their strategies to all of EXANTE’s global customers.

EXANTE online trading platform will appeal to propriety traders, hedge funds and individuals who are looking for more advanced ways to trade online. EXANTE Ltd is a next generation brokerage company providing its clients with direct access to a broad range of financial instruments and global markets. EXANTE’s innovative integrated online trading and fund platform has been a game changer in the industry. The trading platform was designed entirely by EXANTE and can be downloaded directly from company’s website. Designed to be user-friendly, any investor could handle this. The one-point-click model gives investors the opportunity to invest directly into over 40 investment management companies, managing over 100 funds. More importantly, for hedge fund managers they can trade quickly and efficiently, across asset classes, in addition to benefiting from the marketing opportunities that arise from listing and potentially attracting new investors.

Since the formation of the company in March 2011, EXANTE has rapidly become a leading presence in online trading by supporting a global client base due to its advanced technology, impeccable service, financial market accessibility, pricing transparency, and focus on the development of its pioneering trading platform. EXANTE offers a new and exciting way for investors to trade. Global economies, particularly emerging markets, are driven more and more by the new world, which is exemplified by Chinese strength and contribution to global growth. China is using its growing status as a knowledge-based economy to open new doors and provide growth opportunities for investors and it is here that EXANTE finds its niche.

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