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EXANTE adds MAM calculator and PLN currency to its trading platform

EXANTE adds MAM calculator and PLN currency to its trading platform

This week EXANTE released two trading platform updates that include the addition of MAM calculator and the latest diversification of the list of default currencies by Polish Zloty.

Polish Zloty (PLN)

One of our best competitive advantages is that all financial instruments you trade are available from one multicurrency account. We offer you an extensive list of default currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD, RUB that starting this week was supplemented by Polish Zloty! Those of our clients who trade in PLN will be able to monitor and control their exposure to this currency along with their open positions in Account Summary tab.

Don’t forget that  you can always change the default currency in your trading platform Settings menu. To do so, click the corresponding icon in the upper left corner of the application, go to General tab and choose the Default currency panel.

MAM calculator 

Multi Account Manager (MAM) module allows you to place orders for a chosen financial instrument on several accounts. Therefore, saving time for those who either implement different strategies or handle their clients’ account. We admit that sometimes, while managing accounts you need to know the quantity of the instrument you trade as a percentage of your total NAV or to limit your trading risks. For this reason, we are introducing MAM calculator.

MAM calculator allows dynamic calculation of instrument quantities by two indicators: Net asset value (NAV) and Risk rate:

  • NAV sub module automatically displays the number of financial instrument you need to acquire based on your total NAV percentage you are willing to spend. To view this number, all you will have to do is to insert the percentage of your total NAV in appropriate space. Based on the picture below, if you only want to spend 0.05% of your total NAV, you will be able to buy 60 shares worth 714,30 GBP.

  • In the Risk sub module you are able to limit your maximum loss. Please fill in the field - Max loss - with percentage of your NAV total you are ready to lose and Stop price field - the price at which your order will be executed if the market falls below. For example, if you wish to limit your loss to 0.001 % of your total NAV, you fix your stop price at 11 GPB, hence the risk sub module will display 17 shares you need to buy in order to have that risk rate.

We hope that these updates will enhance your trading experience and we’re excited to hear your feedback. Feel free to contact us via support@exante.eu and our customer support will respond directly.

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