EXANTE iOS trading application: what's new?

Version 3.29

released on January, 20

Market order execution price added to the Orders tab;

Shorting allowance message features the account name;

If an instrument cannot be viewed its name will be written in gray;

Version 3.27

released on December, 22

Add several instruments to Quotes at once by opening Instruments and swiping left these you’re interested in;

Swipe left in Summary, Orders or Quotes to press “Info” and see detailed info about positions, orders or instruments;

Check warning if order price is too far away from market price (more than 20%);

Send us logs if anything happens by pressing a button in Summary;

Set up an account if you don’t have it yet – right from the title screen!

Version 3.26

released on December, 4

EXANTE trading application now works on iPhone X;

Long tap on the position in Summary or on the order in Orders to see detailed info;

Place Stop Limit orders in the application;

Version 3.22

released on November, 1

Long tap on the instrument to see detailed info. It works from Quotes, Orders, Chart, Instrument Tree;

Check the time of the last instruments update before doing so manually;

Version 3.21

released on October, 2

Working Orders can now be seen on Chart;

Quote Monitor name has been shortened to just Quotes;

Search results has been slightly optimized;

Version 3.20

released on September, 27

iOS 11 support;

Version 3.19

released on September, 14

Crypto branch has been added to the Instruments;

Search results grouping has been added to the Instruments;

Filtration tapable area in Orders has been enlarged;

ExanteID is shown in the Quote Monitor instead of the full description;

Notifications are filtered as well when filtration by account is turned ON.

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