Improved Option board and new report on transactions

Improved Option board and new report on transactions

— Hi there! I’ve noticed an update of EXANTE trading platform yesterday. What have you improved this time?
— This week we have partially improved the Option board, but the major update touched upon the Trade blotter. We have added a separate section that shows detailed information about client transactions. Not a single penny is going to drop off the radar!

— Sounds interesting. What’s so convenient about the updated Option board?
— This time, in fact, we decided not to add anything brand new to this module: it seemed right to us to enhance what we already have there. So, the Option board really became more convenient. We have changed the default set of columns in the table and hid the rarely-used one so they do not spoil your trading experience. Do not worry if you have already adjusted your board the way you like: the settings will not get busted. Moreover, any new Option board you open will take your personal adjustments into account :)

We have also improved the expirations selector. Now it shows the list of the tickers opened recently instead of the specific option series with expirations. The expiration itself can be chosen in the nearby drop-down list. 


The Greeks, despite being added to the board quite recently, did not avoid our eagle eye. We have improved the calculation algorithm of the implied volatility IV and increased the precision of theta to four decimal places.

— Nice! You’ve also mentioned the Trade blotter…
— Oh, we are sure you’ll like it. As you remember, the Trade blotter displays the full list of your deals with dates, prices and commissions. This list can be filtered by date, sorted by trade direction, volume, etc. The reports can also be exported to Excel or just copied as text.

In addition to this report, we have implemented another thing: a convenient report on transactions. Just choose it from the drop-down list in the upper-left corner of the module (that usually says ‘Trades’.) The new report shows comprehensive data on all of your transactions, including funding, trading, commission charging, etc. The period can be chosen as comfortably as in the Trades report, while all columns can easily be filtered by typing the filtering condition in the text field in the table header. And, of course, report exporting to Excel or text file works as well.

Well, that’s all for this week. We wish you successful trading! Just reminding: do not forget to push the ‘Refresh’ button in the Trade blotter after choosing the time period :)

Haven’t you worked with EXANTE trading platform yet? Try it out right now, we are sure you’ll love it! Open a demo account and download the application. It is absolutely free, takes no longer than a couple of minutes and gives you full access to our trading platform.

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