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Feeling better after 2015: overview

Feeling better after 2015: overview

In our today’s overview we will take a closer look at the comparatively new companies in our terminal that are now gradually recovering from a drastic fall of the stock price in the third quarter of 2015. This period became really tough for many listed companies of the world, but only a few of them have manage to cope with the negative tendencies and to set on the way back to the top.

One of such companies is Compania de Minas Buenaventura (BVN.NYSE). This is a mining giant from Peru that owns the majority of mining rights in the homeland, and whose stocks gradually slid by 3 times from the maximum of $12.37 on May 14th, 2015 to the minimum of $3.38 in the middle of January, 2016. Since then, however, the company’s stocks were gradually (and rather stably) recovering, and are now available at the price of around $6.4. It is likely that the price still has the place to grow with the mean target price of $7.57, and Compania de Minas Buenaventura’s assets have been called worth watching.

Advertisement of the largest mining company in Peru


Another promising representative of Latin America, LATAM Airlines Group (LFL.NYSE), has been recovering even more rapidly. This holding company was founded in 2012 after the takeover of TAM by LAN. LATAM is incorporated in Chile, but it has offices throughout the continent. The stock price change in 2015 was moderate in comparison with Buenaventura: its initial price of $10.15 dropped ‘only’ 2.5 times — to $4.35. It took LATAM only two months to get back to the $7 threshold, and it is still somewhere around. Some analysts expect it to grow further, but advise not to rely on it when creating your portfolio.

Two airplanes of the future partners before the acquisition


Similar fortune in the terms of stock price has touched upon Banco Bradesco (BBD.NYSE), a fair blue chip. This Brazilian leading bank lost almost 2/3 of its market capitalization during the last year when its stock price reached the $4-level. Since then, however, Banco Bradesco’s stakeholders got back a half of what they had lost, which took only one month. Given the bank’s P/E is currently estimated at the level of 7.58, the company is definitely not overestimated, — which means it has the chance to grow (not mentioning its reliability that makes it a candidate for a place in one’s long-term portfolio.)

Banco Bradesco's office


As a bonus, we have drawn our attention to a technological company from Norway that has so far shown the best results in stock price growth, and especially in the growth stability. The company with a promising name Gaming Innovation Group (GIG.OSE) pleases its stakeholder with over 230% year return, and is not going to stop yet: the price has grown from around $1 to $3.47 during the year to date. Just imagine: the company’s market capitalization has come close to $215 million, while it currently employs only 53 people.

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