New instruments of 2016

New instruments of 2016


In January we added a number of new instruments to our trading selection, and we find it sensible to tell you about the most interesting ones. This month we covered primarily stocks, so today’s digest will cover mostly this type of instruments.

We would start with a couple of pharmaceuticals that have extended our selection recently. Among them you will find Chimerix (CMRX.NASDAQ) whose mission is to find a way to protect immunocompromised patients. They are moving towards developing safe and effective antivirals since 2000; the company has received multiple grants financing the production and improvement of brincidofovir, their main product.

Chimerix company offices outside of Research Triangle Park, NC.

Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM.NASDAQ) is another medical innovator in our list; this company has recently — on November 19, 2015 — undergone the IPO procedure. They concentrate on central nervous system disorders, developing treatments for chronic pain and depression. They are ambitious and hi-end, and enjoy active support of the US governmental agencies, which makes them rather promising.

It is hard to call both Chimerix and Axsome Therapeutics steady in terms of stock price performance, however they may turn out to be a valuable investment in some time. Chimerix, for example, fell drastically at the end of last year showing the greatest price fall in its history, while Axsome Therapeutics first skyrocketed at the beginning of 2016, but then fell even lower than the IPO price. The time will show, whether these are only temporary difficulties. 

We also have several newcomers to the group of oil and gas extractors and processors. Among them you can find Contango Oil & Gas Company (MCF.AMEX), Surgutneftegas (SGGD.LSEIOB, listed in the International order book), or Advantage Oil & Gas (AAV.NYSE). Among them, the latter, Advantage Oil & Gas, looks most promising. This Canadian extraction company produces 23,000 barrels per day (on average), and its target production for 2016 is around 33,300 barrels per day — a rather ambitious goal indicating the intention to develop rapidly.

Advantage OG's extraction site

If you are looking for a company on a generally positive trend, you may turn your view to Unwired Planet (formerly Openwave, UPIP.NASDAQ). It is now recovering from the drastic fall in April 2015, and is generally doing well, growing slowly but steadily. Unwired Planet supplies the major US and world telecom providers with mobile technology enabling mobile devices to connect to the Internet.

As you can see, EXANTE is constantly developing its instruments selection. If you cannot find an interesting stock, option or futures in our Instruments tree, feel free to contact our support team ( and request its addition.

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