European stocks on the rise

European stocks on the rise


This ranking includes stocks of European companies with capitalization of 12B or more that have shown the most significant growth in the period from October 2014 to October 2015. Most companies listed in the ranking are present in the major stock exchange indices of the corresponding countries (French CAC 40, German DAX, Italian MIB). All data are presented in euro.


1. Numericable

  • Ticker: NUM
  • Stock Exchange: Euronext
  • Country: France
  • Capitalization: €19B
  • Yearly turnover (2013): €1.3B
  • P/E: 23
  • Annual stock growth: 81%
  • Annual dividend income: 5.7%

Not many people outside France knows Numericable as Internet provider, but thousands of them heard of its superb cybersport championships.

Leading French communications provider that also operates in other European countries. Its current standing was formed in 2007 in the result of Noos and NC Numericable merger (both companies were in operation since 1980s). Numericable works mostly with Internet services, cable TV and mobile telephony. Since 2012 the company organizes world championships in StarCraft II. Numericable is partnered with Google, has a wide range of offers for gamers and is active at marketing in mobile stores.

Numericable’s IPO was conducted only in 2013. Since 2014 its stocks has been rather votalite, and their future prices are hard to predict, though the overall trend is very positive.


2. Thales

  • Ticker: HO
  • Stock Exchange: Euronext
  • Country: France
  • Capitalization: €14B
  • Yearly turnover (2013): €14B
  • P/E: 26
  • Annual stock growth: 76%
  • Annual dividend income: 1.7%

Thales’ ad: 'The world is complex. Your decisions should not be.'

Instrumentation company that produces electrical appliances for transportation, aerospace sphere and stock exchange markets. The company was named after Thales of Miletus, the Greek philosopher. It has branches in a dozens of branches on most continents, and more than a half of turnover is provisioned by foreign branches outside of France.

Since the crisis of 2008 Thales’ stocks experienced years of downward dynamics, but reached the bottom and have started to rise in 2013. Judging by the moderate P/E this rise has a potential to continue.


3. Peugeot

  • Ticker: UG
  • Stock Exchange: Euronext
  • Country: France
  • Capitalization: €13B
  • Yearly turnover: €54B
  • P/E: ?
  • Annual stock growth: 72%
  • Annual dividend income: —

Peugeot RCZ, a unique car that has become the winner of Diesel Car’s Best sports car rating for four years in a row.

The biggest French car manufacturer founded in 1976. It produces a wide range of cars and regularly wins prizes in European automobile manufacturers’ contests. Apart from making cars, Peugeot also operates in different markets, e.g. it is one of the most prominent producers of spice and coffee grinders.

Peugeot stock quotes declined significantly during 2008 and continued to lower until 2012. They started to grow only in 2013 and have not yet reached even the level of 2011. But they sure have the place to go.


4. Luxottica

  • Ticker: LUX
  • Stock Exchange: Borsa Italiana
  • Country: Italy
  • Capitalization: €30B
  • Yearly turnover: €7.7B
  • P/E: 41
  • Annual stock growth: 67%
  • Annual dividend income: 2.2%

The monument dedicated to glasses surrounded by industrial sites of Luxottica in the picturesque mountain area in the Northern Italy (Lauriano municipality.)

Prominent producer of ophthalmic and sunglasses. The most famous brands produced by Luxottica are Ray Ban, Persol and Oakley. The company was founded in 1961, in 1981 it opened its first foreign branch in Germany. Today it works with the greatest fashion houses like Armani,  Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and is famous for its virtual fitting rooms.

Just as many European stocks, Luxottica’s papers lost the ground in 2008 and recovered for quite a long time. However, it started to grow rather quickly since 2012, and in 2014-105 the growth became even more spectacular. The only thing that could make you worry is the high P/E coefficient: it might indicate that the growth is not objective.


5. Fresenius

  • Ticker: FRE
  • Stock Exchange: Deutsche Börse
  • Country: Germany
  • Capitalization: €32B
  • Yearly turnover: €12B
  • P/E: 31
  • Annual stock growth: 64%
  • Annual dividend income: 0.7%

Artificial kidneys by Fresenius.

German medical company that concentrates on kidney restoration technologies. It produces different modifications of renal dialyzers (both for hemo- and peritoneal dialysis), medical accessories and drugs that are used with them, and also treats patients with renal failures. The company owns more than 60 hospitals with 17,500 beds under the brand of Helios Kliniken.

Many medical companies watch their stocks grow for many years to come, and Fresenius is not an exception. The moderate P/E indicates that the stock price growth has a good base in the company’s earnings, so these stocks may be worth investing.


6. Altice

  • Ticker: ATC
  • Stock Exchange: Euronext
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Capitalization: €20B
  • Yearly turnover: €3B
  • P/E: ?
  • Annual stock growth: 62%
  • Annual dividend income: —

Caricature of Altice's (vulture) acquisition of Cablevision (mouse). The background depicts the Altice’s logo.

This is a transnational telecommunication company based in the Netherlands; however, it mostly operates outside the home country. In particular, it is the second largest communication provider in France. It has quite aggressively acquired several telecom companies like Portugal Telecom, and at the moment it is negotiating an acquisition of the New York’s Cablevision.

The company’s stocks have grown four times since 2014.


7. Cap Gemini

  • Ticker: CAP
  • Stock Exchange: Euronext
  • Country: France
  • Capitalization: €14B
  • Yearly turnover: €11B
  • P/E: 22
  • Annual stock growth: 59%
  • Annual dividend income: 1.5%

Futuristic Cap Gemini site.

One of the leading European providers of computer services founded in 1967. It develops enterprise resource planning software and provides consultant services in management and IT. It operates mostly in the Western Europe and Northern America.

In comparison to other European companies, Cap Gemini did not experience a steep breakdown in its stock prices; however, it still could not recover until 2013, when the quotes started growing fast and achieved a years’ maximal level in 2015.

Attention: This article is based on historic data and cannot be regarded as an investment advice. Historic data do not determine the future direction of price movement, the prices can significantly change within one day. EXANTE gives no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of the provided information or as to the legal, tax or accountancy consequences of any transaction. The decision to place margined transactions is yours alone, and you are solely responsible for the effect a margined transaction might have on any open positions.
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