EXANTE leads many luminaries attending the LSE SU Alternative Investments Conference

EXANTE leads many luminaries attending the LSE SU Alternative Investments Conference

The 2014 AIC promises to provide a dynamic forum for education and networking between leading luminaries from the hedge fund and private equity industries and the brightest students from undergraduates to PhD candidates who travel from as far afield as China and California to attend the Conference.

Jointly organised by the LSE SU Alternative Investments Society and the LSE Financial Markets Group, the AIC combines the academic excellence of its namesake institution, the LSE with the professionalism and prestige of the attending industry professionals and student delegates. The Conference began with 200 students who participated in a one day event at the London School of Economics and heard from several notable investors. The Conference has since grown to be the world's largest student conference on hedge funds and private equity as it now attracts over 5,000 applicants from around the world to hear over 40 senior level industry speakers hold court for two days at the five-star London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square.

This year EXANTE whose headquarters are in Malta have been invited to attend and speak at the conference. Founded in 2011, EXANTE and its directors have made worldwide news and acknowledgements as the creators of:

- Multi Asset Platform with global server network

- One-point-click tradable hedge fund secondary market

- Online investable hedge fund index

-The biggest single investment vehicle gain in world history, EXANTE bitcoin Fund

The directors of EXANTE, Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis, Anatoliy Knyazev , Vladimir Maslyakov and Ivan Naumov continue to support the next generation of financial graduates and are proud of the association they have built with universities worldwide.

Alexey Kirienko, the founder of EXANTE  supports the work that universities like LSE make in the ever changing financial landscape. In 2006, Alexey incorporated a private trust fund, the trust success led to an establishment of public Global Hedge Capital Fund in 2007, which contributed key technological infrastructure and knowledge base for the next generation prime brokerage company EXANTE Ltd.

EXANTE is a next generation prime broker. At the heart of EXANTE’s trading technology is its multifunctional Automated Trading Platform (ATP): a state-of-art tool for clients who can access many markets from one account. EXANTE developed ATP from scratch, without using third-party solutions. ATP guarantees fast, stable and reliable performance. EXANTE ATP provides their clients with quick data feeds, fast data executions, and 24/7 tech support



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