Exchanges in EXANTE terminal: BIST and BMV

Exchanges in EXANTE terminal: BIST and BMV


Not that long ago we added these two new markets to the EXANTE trading terminal: Borsa Istanbul (the Turkish Exchange) and Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (the Mexican Stock Exchange). You can find them in the Instruments by entering BIST and BMV in the search field.

We composed a two-in-one review so that you could get better acquainted with both markets at the same time.

The two exchanges are not so widely known and popular among investors, although they take a huge proportion of the market in their regions. The total capitalization of all 371 companies traded on the Turkish exchange exceeds 200B, while 140 stocks on the one in Mexico generates $400B of capitalization.

The BMV is the second largest exchange in Latin America right next to the Brazilian Bovespa. It is also the fifth largest stock exchange in the Americas.

To begin with, we added around 30 companies on each exchange. These are the cap leaders not solely in the national markets, but on a global scale. Choose from the largest banks like Turkiye Garanti Bankasi, Finansbank, Santander Mexico, or telecommunication giants like Turk Telekomunikasyon, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri, América Móvil, and many others.

The modern building of the Borsa Istanbul

The Turkish exchange has quite a long history which dates back to the year of its foundation in 1866. The exchange soon became a gateway for the Western funds to the East market. In the 20th century several independent exchanges were established in Turkey at the same time — some of them were designed for trading currency while others for trading stocks. In 1985, the former Istanbul Stock Exchange, the Istanbul Gold Exchange and the Derivatives Exchange of Turkey merged having created a single entity which is now known as the modern Borsa Istanbul. This is currently the only exchange of that kind in Turkey.

The building of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, a look from the outside

The first Mexican exchanges were launched independently from one another in 1894 and 1895, but got incorporated in a single entity soon after. Bolsa Mexicana de Valores received its current name and legal status in 1933 as a result of legislative reforms being carried out to regulate the stock market. Later on, it became a single leading market by merging with the stock exchanges of the Bolsa de Occidente in Guadalajara and the Bolsa de Monterrey.

Let’s have a look at the frontrunners among the companies traded on each exchange, taking into account various parameters. All the data is provided by the finance scanner services on and

The cap leaders on the Turkish exchange are the two peer banks, Turkiye Garanti (ticker symbol GARAN, capitalization $12.5B) and Akbank (AKBNK, $11.7B), followed by a diversified holding company Koc (KCHOL, $11.7B). The leading positions on the BMV are occupied mainly by the guest stocks of the world’s giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Nestle, etc. America Movil (AMX L, AMX A, $57.1B) is the one that takes the lead among the Mexican companies.

As for the annual profit growth leaders, there is a Mexican manufacturer of construction materials, Cemex (CEMEX A, CEMEX B, CEMEX CPO, capitalization $40.9B, profit growth by 5460%), and a Turkish chemical holding company, Polisan (POLHO, capitalization $968M*, рrofit growth by 1300%).

The ranking of stocks with the most significant half year price growth is headed by the Mexican energy company, Grupo Elektra (ELEKTRA, capitalization $10.3B, price growth by 191%) and a Turkish chemical company, Sasa Polyester (SASA, capitalization $328M, price growth by 196%).

The top-price stocks traded on the BIST are those of the Turkish bank, Turkiye Is (ticker symbols are ISATR, ISKUR, ISBTR, capitalization of $9.6B, share prices are $4100, $1800 and $330 accordingly), which are not so popular if compared to the best-selling stock on the exchange, Kardemir Karabuk Demir Celik (KRDMD, cap $674M, share price $0.57). The average trade volume of the latter one runs to 75 million per day.

If we take a look at the BMV stocks, we will see that the most expensive securities are offered by the foreign guest companies, while the record trade volumes go to the mentioned above local companies, America Movil (trade volume of 43M, share price $0.89) and Cemex (33M and $0.97 accordingly).

The commission we charge for both new markets is calculated as a percentage of an order size with no minimum payment required. The fee for the BIST is 0.25%, for BMV it comes down to 0.125%.

If you can’t find an instrument you need for trading, send a request to us at, we will add it up for you shortly.

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