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Our Values

Continuous Learning and Positive Interactions

We believe in man's ability to make smart decisions and successfully see them through to the end. Via intelligence, willpower and proper motivation, we believe that this tremendous potential can be fulfilled. Therefore, continuous learning and positive interactions constitute our core values.


Game Theory clearly states that honesty is the optimal strategy for developing and keeping a long-term relationship. Integrity is the natural state in our organisation. It comes from the trust and dignity of our clients, employees and stakeholders.


It is well known that creativity is the foundation upon which competitiveness is built. Creativity is a core element of our organisation which we achieve via a stimulating, motivational environment and self-expression.

Responsibility and Competence

We encourage democratic leadership in all of our company assignments. In "our democracy", a true leader is one who is competent in an assignment. We value responsibility with the same reverence as we do competence.

Pioneering Technology

Our main competitive advantage is pioneering new technology. The fast-growing investment services environment has proven that the premium spent on pioneering new technology is less costly than a potential future loss incurred by technological stagnation.

Design Focus

A successful design changes paradigms. In EXANTE, intellect outlines our key value criteria as functionality, simplicity and perfection.

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