The Market in Financial Instruments Directive is an EU directive which has been in effect since November 1st, 2007. The MiFID sets forth the requirements for the entire European financial sector with the aim of introducing a single European market of financial instruments. Its main goal is to promote the emergence of an efficient, transparent and integrated financial trading infrastructure, including ensuring a high degree of investor protection. The directive contains measures that changed and improved the organisation and functioning of investment firms, facilitating cross border trading while creating strategic opportunities. The MiFID can be viewed in full here.

EXT LTD, as an EU-regulated investment firm, falls under the MiFID’s jurisdiction and has as such implemented all necessary legal requirements, protocols and policies to ensure full compliance with the directive. Regarding the MiFID implementation for partners, EXT LTD proactively supports them by offering a range of services that facilitate the partners themselves in meeting their local national MiFID requirements and hence reduce costs.

Client Classification: Suitability & Appropriateness Tests

The MiFID requires firms to classify clients in three main categories, as "Eligible Counterparties", "Professional Clients" and "Retail Clients" (the latter having the highest level of protection) and to assess their suitability and appropriateness for the products offered.

Post-Trade Transparency

EXT LTD ensures that transaction transparency is achieved in accordance with the MiFID. In order to enable investors or market participants to access the terms of potential stock transactions at any time and to retroactively verify the conditions in which these transactions were carried out, EXT LTD publishes details of completed stock transactions and discloses details of current opportunities to trade shares. More specifically, all types of trading in financial instruments, whether on regulated markets, MTFs or over-the-counter (OTC), are subject to a post-trade transparency obligation.

Best Execution

The MiFID requires that investment firms take all possible steps to obtain the best overall result in the execution of client’s order. The best possible result is not limited to the execution price, but also includes a variety of factors, such as speed, the likelihood of the execution and the likelihood of a settlement.

EXT LTD Best Execution Policy creates transparency for EXT LTD clients’ means of ensuring the best execution hereunder relying on: (i) state-of-the-art technology for routing, monitoring and executing orders; (ii) careful consideration of the elements of order execution; (iii) regular and rigorous examination of the overall execution quality.

Trading Licence

EXT LTD holds Licence No. 165/12 by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

State insurance of funds

EXT LTD clients who open accounts within Cyprus jurisdiction get their funds securely covered with up to 20,000 euro insurance as a part of Investor Compensation Fund directed by CySEC.

Our history


Launch of the EXANTE brokerage platform, desktop edition


EXANTE founded, first European licence


Bitcoin Fund established


EXANTE acquires a second EU licence


Exantech, Comino and STASIS projects launched


EXANTE acquired the first Asian license (SFC Hong Kong), opened an office in Amsterdam


March 2020 became the record month in terms of new client acquisition


EXANTE celebrating its 10th anniversary

Our partners

We are actively working with tax, audit and legal companies, offering special partnership conditions for partners and their clients.

Our wide range of counterparties offers diversification and easy access to all financial operations and risk management tools.

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