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Although we recognise that financial markets are probably the least sustainable institutions around, we address sustainability as a main criterion in our decision-making process. We try to balance today's gains with the future prosperity of all our stakeholders.

Role of the Board of EXANTE

The Board of EXANTE is responsible for creating and delivering sustainable shareholder value through managing business processes. Therefore, it determines the company's strategic objectives and policies to deliver long-term values, and provide an overall strategic direction within a framework of rewards, incentives and controls. The Board of EXANTE ensures that the management achieves an appropriate balance between promoting long-term growth and delivering short-term objectives. The directors of EXANTE act in a way they consider, in good faith, to promote the success of the company for the benefit of the shareholders as a whole and, in doing so have a regard for (amongst other matters):

  1. The likely consequences of any decision in the long-term;
  2. The interests of EXANTE employees;
  3. The need to foster EXANTE business relationships with suppliers, members and others;
  4. The impact of EXANTE operations on the community and the environment;
  5. The desirability of EXANTE to maintain a reputation for high standards of business conduct and;
  6. The need to act fairly between the shareholders of EXANTE.

The Board of EXANTE also ensures that the management maintains a system of internal control which provides the assurance of effective and efficient operations, internal financial controls, and compliance with the law and regulators. In addition, the Board ensures that the management maintains an effective risk management and oversight process at the highest level across the company.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Board has a regard as to what is appropriate for the company’s business and reputation, the materiality of finances and other risks inherent in the business and the relative costs and benefits of implementing specific controls.

Powers of the Board of EXANTE

The Board of EXANTE is also the decision-making body for all other significant matters of importance to the company as a whole, because of the strategic, financial or reputational implications or consequences of the actions of EXANTE.

The Board acts in accordance with its powers, and Directors must:

  1. Act in accordance with the company’s constitution, and;
  2. Only exercise powers for the purposes which they are conferred.

Powers reserved to the Board include:

  1. Approval of the company’s strategy, interim and full year financial statements;
  2. Conducting significant changes in accounting policy and practice;
  3. Appointment or removal of Directors or the Company Secretary;
  4. Addressing conflicts of interest, and;
  5. Implementing changes to the EXANTE’s capital structure and major acquisitions, mergers, disposals or capital expenditure.
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